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 HackCancer Solutions

Spreading Awareness about Cancer Globally

Welcome to HackCancer Solutions, where we are building a community of young individuals to build technologies that will impact our future as well as make a impact on cancer related topics and health issues related to cancer.


About Us

HackCancer Solutions is founded by a group of high school students in Texas, U.S.A. to raise awareness in technology that helps destigmatize the cancer affected society.

We invite anyone (middle schoolers, high schoolers, and college students) to attend our FREE 24-hour hackathon on October 23, 2020, to put their skills to the test, learn new skills, connect with professionals in the tech industry, collaborate with students that share similar interests, gain hands-on experience, and explore the world of technology. There will be workshops and mentors to help you along so no experience is required.

Due to COVID 19, STEAM Programs and recent events went to a halt and we are trying to maximize our fullest potential and bring back that experience to you all. With hours into this we are proud to announce our very first own hackathon.

Your cooperation and effort to join make our organization to grow and reach others and impact many of the top Hospitals in the U.S and around the globe.

Your donations can be made possible by donating it to our GoFundMe Account which we will donate it to other charitable organizations such as Bakersfield Memorial Hospital Fund.

GoFundMe Link



General Track

Creativity is vital to success.

This track includes any projects that don't fall under community or health. Feel free to let your creativity shine!

Health: The healthcare industry  is absolutely vital at this time, along with maintaining personal health and fitness.

For this track, create products that help at-risk individuals, support healthcare workers, spread information about COVID-19,or help people who are going with serious illness such as cancer

Community: With the current conditions happening socially such as the Black Lives Matter Movement, it is important to spread awareness.

For this track, create products which will spread awareness about current events that is happening around the world and how to address violence as much as possible.



  • BEST OVERALL HACK-  Overall hack of the competition. Winners gets a free hackathon tutorial pamphlet.

  • BEST GENERAL HACK- General Hack is awarded to those who win the General Hack Track. Winners will get free access to one of the offered Modules Courses.

  • BEST HEALTH HACK- Health Hack is awarded to those who win the Health Track of the Hackathon Competition. Winners wil get a Taskade Unlimited for each team member 

  • BEST COMMUNITY HACK- Community Hack is awarded to those who win the Community Hack as part of making awareness to the social community that been affected by the pandemic. Winners will get a Canes Coupon

  • BEST MIDDLE SCHOOL HACK- Only applies to middle school students only. Will win a free stock market tutorial E book

  • BEST HIGH SCHOOL HACK- Only applies to High School students. Winner are chose by selective process by our team members. Winners win a $10 Gift Card of their Choice.

  • BEST COLLEGE HACK- Only applies to College Students. Winners are chose by popular vote by our participants. Winner will get a Hackathons International Brochure



We are looking forward to partner with you to make our hackathon a success.

At HackCancer Solutions, we care about our pride and integrity of our business and we make sure that our business partners sponsor us so that we can make awareness and make this event as enjoyable and engaging for everyone here at HackCancer Solutions.


The HackCancer Solutions Team

Get to Know Us

Jay Deshpande

Social Track Director

Ajay Joe 

Lead in Director

Austin Augustine



"Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear, not absence of fear"

Mark Twain

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Help Center

What You Need to Know

As part of our mission to help participants know answer to some of your personal questions, here we made a short list of FAQ that hopes answers any of your questions


How to win amazing prizes?

To win any prizes from us you must be a registered member of our hackathon and must be able to join one of the 7 workshops session that we offer to redeem a prize from us. Prizes are then drawn by a random name generator.

What are the requirements to join?

Although there isn't a level of expertise in any hackathons, we as a company will allow anyone from the ages of 13-21 to participate in our hackathons and the matter of level of experience does not matter as this event does not promote or endorse a business partner nor does it promote competition in an unethical way of our business.

Will this Hackathon be done virtually?

Yes, this hackathon will be done virtually by connecting all around the world to bring awareness about cancer related health issues

How do I participate?

You participate by registering on our type form website that allows us to know that you signed up as well as be able to participate in the raffle and all the other activities/workshops sessions we are planning to give.

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